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Judeen K. Kozak Petersen grew up in Tabor and Vermillion, South Dakota. She began her interest in Art by first coloring the pictures in her piano lesson books – before practicing and later loved drawing cartoons.

As a junior in High School she received her first training in an actual art class. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Art Education at the University of South Dakota and her Master of Arts in Education from Eastern Kentucky University. She has taught Elementary through College Art classes.

She works in mixed-medias such as: acrylics and watercolors; calligraphy with illustration; and pencil drawings. Her artwork has always consisted of real-life drawings and renderings of animals, landscapes and various scenes from nature.

She believes in studying and observing animals and then using them in her work – doing them as realistic as possible. ″Realism is where it’s at.‶

Mediums: mixed media: acrylics and watercolors, pencil

Specialties: wildlife, nature, and calligraphy